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News Roundup 1/4/09

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Bush loosened rules surrounding the Endangered Species Act last month.  The Cons’ craven bowing to corporate interests knows no boundaries.  While making the world more uninhabitable, the Cons have weakened one of the few safeguards protecting species.

The AP has even mentioned how Barack Obama has inherited numerous “time-bombs”, the worst of which is likely climate change.  No other issue has the potential to impact every other issue he will face.  Action must be taken quickly to avoid the kind of geopolitical shifts likely in the face of rising sea levels and shifting precipitation patterns.

Prior to the holidays, consumer spending and incomes were down.  The 4th quarter numbers should look terrible.

Mortgage rates contined their fall throughout December.  There’s tons of refinancing going on as people rush to save whatever money they can.  Home inventories and time on the market continue to be very high.  The housing market’s troubles aren’t over by a long shot.

The consumer confidence index hit an all-time low.  Record foreclosures, rising unemployment and a corrupt, incestuous financial industry don’t seem to engender confidence in people?  Really?  Gosh, big shock.

There is no such thing as “clean coal”.  400 acres of ruined land should be proof enough.  But unless it afffects people personally, they won’t pay attention to the problem.


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