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Republicans Throw Bipartisanship Away Awfully Early

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I remember the good old days of Republican-led bipartisanship.  The days when every Republican leader in the House, Senate, White House and all their mouthpieces in media outlets (TV, radio and print) were screaming that Democrats had to play nice and allow up-or-down votes on President Bush’s nominees for federal positions including Attorney General, Supreme Court Justices and the like.  They made the point daily that Bush wouldn’t have nominated anyone not qualified for their positions (disproved time and time again) and it was in the best interest of all Americans if no hearings or debate were held over the nominees.  Do you remember those awesome, bipartisan days too?

Good, because those days have met a swift death now that Republicans are part of severe minorities in the House and Senate.  They had the opportunity before them to put the uber-polarized days of President Bush behind them.  They had the chance to work with the incoming Obama administration, not against it, in ensuring Americans have personnel in place quickly.  Not surprisingly, they’ve chosen to continue their hyper-partisan ways.  The Cons want to continue to be hypocrites in every way by promising Americans a bruising nomination process over Eric Holder, President-elect Obama’s nominee for Attorney General.

The confirmation hearing for Eric Holder, Obama’s pick for attorney general, promises to be bruising, with Republicans determined to explore Holder’s role in controversial pardons under President Clinton, his views on gun rights, and his involvement in the case of Elian Gonzalez, the 6-year-old Cuban boy returned to his homeland by Clinton’s Justice Department.

Really?  With the worst economy since the Great Depression, record foreclosures, rising unemployment, the occupation of Iraq costing taxpayers billions per week, a wrecked military, climate tipping points being passed, a drowned region forgotten and millions of more Americans without quality health care or education, Senate Republicans want to focus on Holder’s views on gun rights and his involvement with a single child some 10 years ago.

The American public resoundingly voted against the Cons’ antics.  More than a few vile campaigners lost badly this year.  The Republicans have been left as a regional party of the South.  Apparently, that’s not enough for them.  They want to continue focusing on their extremist agenda and trying to distract Americans from the real issues they face every day.  The Cons will not back down an inch from their agenda.  That’s not compromise and it’s not bipartisan.  Like I expected anything else from them.


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