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Right Wing Is Pro-Disease, Anti-Education and Anti-Voter

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In their continuing demonstration of how extreme can extreme get, right-wing activists are targeting state and local government to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood.  It’s a solution in search of a problem.  As the Wall St Journal’s graphs show, only 3% of services delivered by PP in 2006 were abortions.  Meanwhile, 38% of services went to contraception, 29% went to sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, and 19% went to cancer screening and prevention services.  So if Planned Parenthood has their budgets slashed, the public will have less access to preventing pregnancies, STD testing and cancer prevention.  These extremists are pursuing their ideology to the point where they’d rather the public was less healthy and less capable of dealing with disease, all in an effort to do away with 3% of PP’s services.  I’ll also point out that Planned Parenthood serves populations that don’t have the kind of health care access others get.  In many cases, Planned Parenthood is all those populations have.  Gutting their budget will put more Americans at risk to disease and unwanted pregnancies – which one would think would be exactly the opposite of the extremists’ stated goal…


The Cons’ dream of shutting down public education is being pursued in Colorado.  In one of the more short-sighted attempts at a solution possible, state Rep. Don Marostica of the Joint Budget Committee posed a question this week in a lengthy questionnaire to the state’s public colleges and universities: how would they survive if they received no dollars from the state legislature?  The answer is easy: they wouldn’t.

“I wake up at 2 a.m., and I think about it. This higher education is not working; it’s costing us too much money,” said Marostica, a Republican who represents Larimer County. “I simply felt like they could be run as enterprises, true enterprises. I want them all to be private schools.”

Some of the state’s money now devoted to the institutions could instead go to private scholarships, he said.

Got that?  After the largest failure of enterprise in world history this year, Cons continue to push their failed ideology everywhere they can.  No recommendations to stop giving away tax dollars to the fossil fuel industry.  No recommendations to stop giving away tax dollars to social programs that have been shown to not work.  No, the Cons recommend that tax dollars be withheld from colleges and universities.  At the end of the day, it’s all about tax dollars isn’t it?  The Cons will never advocate to increase investments in communities.  Despite evidence to the contrary, they continue to believe they’re islands and self-made people.  They’re going to wreck Colorado and the U.S. even more than they already have since they’ll never stop praying to their false free-market gods.


Colorado Cons will push another part of their extremist agenda when the legislature convens next month: State Sen. Scott Renfroe will carry a bill that would require voters to present photo identification at the polls to vote.  Renfroe said the bill would safeguard elections.  This is another solution in search of a problem.  How many people voted illegally this year?  I can’t find a single case of it occurring.  Meanwhile, millions of Coloradans are non- or under-insured (receiving sub-standard health care), thousands of Colorado children live in poverty, too many Coloradans drop out of school and too many Coloradans are in prison for petty offenses like marijuana posession (these are predominantly minority Coloradans, despite equal rates of possession as whites).  Those are real problems that desperately need real solutions.  Enacting laws like Renfroe’s would ensure fewer people vote, making Con ballot box victories more likely.

Here is why the Cons are in the minority party in Colorado: they only represent extremist views.  They want more diseased Coloradans, less educated Coloradans and fewer people voting.  Instead of changing their policy positions even slightly, they want to prevent people from voting and keeping their elected officials accountable.


One thought on “Right Wing Is Pro-Disease, Anti-Education and Anti-Voter

  1. In their continuing demonstration of how extreme can extreme get, right-wing activists are targeting state and local government to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood.

    Ohh I guess you are wrong there.
    They are not stopping government from giving money. They are trying to stop the government from LOOTING you.

    Why do you think that you cannot decide to invest your own money by your own will in a program for educating poor children or for health care of poor?

    I mean government officials aren’t drinking water from some holy grail, so how can they manage your own money better than your ownself?

    I guess you forgot the recent corruption case of politicians in which even there were speculations that Obama may get a bad name.

    Anyways, I am not a right wing or left wing, I am not American too.

    yet I am an analyst ( I am alive and its my human nature to analyze objectively).

    Government programs always fails they are deemed to fail. If people like you really wish to help poor or better the health care, you need to independently and voluntarily devote your hard earned money to some responsible and result oriented Non Governmental System. Otherwise, your money will be used to destroy your own liberty.

    I have read your whole post and it is full of all leftists ideas, I will say you are disillusioned if you think some government, any government be it Obama or Bush government, can do anything better than you and other free individuals themselves can do.

    Taxes are looting and nothing else. Stop those loots and act voluntarily to make your society better.

    About education, it is Not a Fundamental Right

    It is not fundamental right because rights, right of freedom cannot be decided by the right to vote and choose a government, right of freedom are based on the Fundamental Right of property.

    you are pretty lucky that you are American, a republic first rather than a democratic. Save your Individual rights.

    I hope you wont hit your foot with your own axe by hurting the Individual Liberty, instead, you need to devote your efforts to further dignify the liberty.
    It Is your own money which they loot in form of tax and then engages that money in war-fares and other sort of wastage. It is not the American military or Clinton/ Bush administration which caused havoc all round the world, it is the American tax-payers money which caused the havoc.

    Good Luck.

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