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Denver’s Major Papers Hate Workers

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The editorial boards of Denver’s two largest newspapers penned screeds that once again displayed a stunning hatred of workers that stand up for their rights this weekend.

The Rocky Mountain News was the more overt of the two, which comes as no surprise to local progressives.  Their conservative bent has grown stronger over the years as they cheer on the race to the bottom America’s workers are facing.  Their lede: Caving to the UAW.  Their secondary lede: Concessions should precede bailout.

I have but one question for the Rocky and every other group that hates workers: what concessions have executives of America’s major auto manufacturers given in this crisis?  The auto labor unions of America have conceeded on every issue possible in the past 20 years.  What have executives given up for the privilege to continue in their positions?  It’s been those executives’ decisions that have placed their corporations at the precipice of failure, not the workers’.  The Rocky places all of the blame at the feet of the labor-friendly Democratic Congress.  What about the corporate-friendly Republicans that threatened to filibuster the deal or the corporate-friendly Republican supposedly running the country?  How many times has Bush issued executive orders in the past 8 years?  If he (his handlers) wanted to save the auto industry from itself, he would have done it already.

The Denver Post came no closer to trying to address some real issues associated with the Big 3’s failures.  They called out Michigan Gov. Granholm’s assessment of the vote in the Congress as un-American.  I don’t remember the Post chastising the Cons who called anti-invasion and anti-occupation Democrats as anti-American.  It’s actually much more applicable to those same Cons vis-a-vis the failed vote.  Con Senators from the South would rather see American auto manufacturers fail (their true goal is to break up the UAW) than help them out.  Con Senators from the South would rather see foreign auto manufacturers succeed – foreign car plants have begun to really populate the American South, instead of American car plants as they do in Michigan and other northern states.  Con Senators would rather see the world plunge into a second Republican Great Depression just so they can teach Big, Bad Labor the lessons they deserve than stand up as proud Americans and preserve some of our last in-country manufacturing.  Con Senators (and their un-American supporters) would literally rather have workers make no wages or receive any benefits than support what little Americans’ actually end up making today.  If that’s not un-American, I don’t know what is.

Why isn’t the Rocky or the Post supporting workers?  Because their right-wing benefactors don’t support workers.  Because they don’t receive anti-corporate messages from Con “think-tanks”.  Because they practice exactly what those Con Senators supported: they’ve shifted their “news” coverage from solid journalistic standards to focusing on entertainment instead.  An uneducated population of workers won’t want to stand up for their rights.  Instead, they’ll blame those workers who dare to do so just like their major corporate media outlets tell them to.

This race to the bottom must stop.  Stand up for your fellow worker, Coloradans and Americans.  Or get used to double-digit unemployment and another Depression.


In a related vein, the Rocky’s Ed Stein had a cartoon appear next to their screed that dealt with the nationwide collapse of the newspaper corporate industry.  Depicting newspapers as pillars of democracy that were falling over, Stein blatently ignored newspapers’ failure to uphold democracy these past 8 years under the worst president this country has suffered under.  Due to the corporate newspapers’  stunning lack of holding Con officials responsible for their actions, Bush leaves this country in much worse shape than he found it.  The media’s latest attempts to tie President-elect Obama to the corrupt Illinois Governor despite no evidence to support their witch-hunt is all the more disturbing when Bush’s actions remain univestigated.   For this reason and others, I honestly have zero pity that corporate newspapers are failing.  Just like the auto industry, they make their bed all too willingly.  Now they get to lie in it.


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