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Colorado’s New Energy Economy Expands

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Colorado will welcome Hexcel Corp. next year.  Hexcel produces carbon fiber and other composite materials as supplies to Vestas Wind Systems.  It will build a new plant near Vestas’ wind turbine blade manufacturing plant in Windsor, CO.

Vestas announced earlier this year plans to expand operations at its plant in Colorado.  I’m sure those plans helped spur Hexcel’s decision.  It’s just two companies that are starting and enlarging their business operations in Colorado; the good news is there are certainly others.  Those companies are establishing themselves at the beginning of the coming green energy wave.  Jobs have already been created.  More will be created.

What would some of the benefits of that developing green economy be if encouraged at the national level?  Based on a recent report by the Center for American Progress, Colorado would likely see investment of $1.7 billion.  Over 30,000 new jobs would be created within two years.

What should be next?  More wind farms.  More solar thermal plants.  Investment in a smart grid.  Electric vehicles that can store the energy from renewable energies.  Colorado, under Gov. Bill Ritter’s leadership, has taken the first steps toward a brighter, more productive future.  Coloradans know the steps already taken have to lead to additional, more aggressive steps.  Ritter will do what he can at the state level.  President-elect Obama needs to do what he can at the national level.


One thought on “Colorado’s New Energy Economy Expands

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