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What is the definition of bipartisanship?  How about compromise?

As BarbinMD points out, current Democratic “leaders” obviously don’t know the answer to either.  Here is how the corporate media reports on recent auto industry legislative efforts:

  • Democrats bent to the will of the president on several key demands, most notably in agreeing that the emergency funding would be drawn from an existing loan program aimed at promoting fuel-efficient technologies.
  • Democrats had hoped to take the money from the Treasury’s $700 billion financial rescue program, but the White House objected. A breakthrough came Friday, when Pelosi dropped her opposition
  • The Democratic proposal makes no provisions to replenish the loan fund, as Pelosi had hoped.
  • Democrats flirted with the idea of naming a seven-member board to oversee the auto bailout but decided instead to have the president name an individual, as Bush had suggested.

Apparently, they’ve gotten too used to being falsely accused of things the right-wing simply made up for the last 30 years.  As a result, their policy proposals end up going nowhere, even when the worst-rated president in American history is involved.  Simply pathetic.  The kicker: with even greater majorities in the next Congress, I fully expect Pelosi and Reid to keep giving Republicans what they want.


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