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Joe Lieberman, Ken Salazar and CO’s Next Secretary of State

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Turncoat Joe Lieberman played his Senate Democratic colleagues like a freaking fiddle.  Despite campaigning against them since he lost his Connecticut primary in 2006, Senate Democrats voted today to allow him to retain his Homeland Security Committee Chair position.  Despite not initiating one investigation while holding that position the past two years (not the Katrina response, not war profiteering, nothing), Democrats voted to permit Lieberman to continue to stab them in the back the next two years.

Sen. Salazar (“D”-CO) talked his fellow Democrats into keeping Lieberman in the Chair he had, and to give up his Environment and Public Works subcommittee position.  Since Lieberman voted for the Iraq invasion and to continue the occupation every time it came up; since Lieberman voted to condone torture and rendition; since Lieberman voted to trash the writ of habeus corpus; since Lieberman voted to expand illegal wiretapping of U.S. citizens without justification; since Lieberman voted for retroactive immunity for that illegal wiretapping, he gets to keep his Chairmanship.  He voted the opposite way than his Democratic colleagues on most of those issues.  He voted the same way with his Democratic colleagues on Envrionment and Public Works issues.  But he lost the latter and kept the former, with the assistance of Sen. Salazar, who Lieberman “mentored” when he first arrived in the Senate four years ago.

A number of diaries exploring these two have been written at SquareState, including this one, this one and this most recent one.  I expect much more to be written in the next couple of years, if Salazar remains a Senator (rumors of an Interior Secretary post abound).  Neither Joe Lieberman nor Ken Salazar have voted in Americans’ best interests (since when did torture become a “left vs. right” question?!).  Neither deserve to represent their constituents.  Will anyone successfully challenge Salazar in 2010 or Lieberman in 2012?  I certainly hope so.

More changes in who holds what office continues with Colorado’s Secretary of State.  The most recent SoS, Mike Coffman, won the CO-06 race to replace the xenophobic, racist Tom Tancredo.  Courtesy of ProgressNow’s Daily News Digest, I learned that seven applicants are interested in being Colorado’s next Secretary of State:

* Former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff.
* State Rep. Bernie Buescher.
* Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon.
* Rosemary Rodriguez, chairwoman of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.
* Gilpin County Clerk Jessica Lovingier.
* TV show host Aaron Harber.
* Dan Willis, secretary for the Democratic Party in Denver.


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