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Atlantic Tropical Weather Update 11/8/08

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Hurricane Paloma made landfall on Cuba’s southern coast tonight as a Category 4 storm.  Her growth has really been nothing short of extraordinary.  In just a couple days’ time, she organized into a Tropical Storm and then steadily intensified to Category 4 strength … in November.  She has already weakened some as she interacts with the island.  Her vitals tonight:

Center located at 20.9N, 77.7W; maixmum sustained winds of 115mph; moving NE @ 7mph; minimum central pressure of 958mb.

Hurricane Paloma will continue to weaken as she makes her way across Cuba.  By tomorrow morning, she will reemerge over the Atlantic Ocean.  Weakening should continue thereafter as well, dropping down to Tropical Storm strength tomorrow and Tropical Depression status by Monday morning as she slowly moves toward the Bahamas.  A shift in her track could take her back toward the northwest starting on Tuesday, most likely as a remnant low.  She should interact with the Bahamas for a few days, then could affect Florida later in the week.


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