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11/3/08: Election Eve

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Tomorrow (still 11:10P MST) is Election Day, 2008.  It’s been a long, hard slog getting here.  I’ve been more involved with elections at multiple levels for a couple of years now.  Barack Obama won’t be the perfect President.  Mark Udall won’t be a perfect Senator.  And on down the line.  But in each case, the Democratic candidate is better than their Con counterpart.  Conservatism has failed.  The worst part to that truth is it will take unimaginable work to correct the mistakes of the past 30 years.  That work will be made all the harder by Cons who will continue to bleat about their failed policies.  Cons will invoke fear and smear everybody in their way in a constant barrage starting Nov. 5, no matter what tomorrow’s outcome is.

I want Obama to win the election.  I want Democrats to expand their majorities in both the Senate and House.  I want the government to take serious steps to address climate change, which I consider to be the absolute most important issue we’ll face in the entire 21st century.  I know the Cons would continue Business As Usual, which will destroy the planet as we know it.  I hope Democrats take the necessary action.  It will be my effort and the effort of countless others to ensure they do.

I think Obama will win.  The question at this point, I think, is by how much.  By what percentage will he beat McCain?  What will the popular vote total differential be?  How many electoral votes will he garner?  How effective will the Cons’ vote suppression techniques be?

Tomorrow will likely see the beginning of a new era.  I can’t wait for it.


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