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Green Prisons & FEMA Under Bush

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A prison in Washington state has developed a program to help reduce its operating costs.  In an effort to reduce waste and conserve energy and water, the Cedar Creek Corrections Center started a compost and organic farm program.  In Indiana, a wind turbine generates 10kW/hr, saving them $2,280 per year.  A prison in California installed 6,200 solar panels, generating enough energy to send some back to the grid.  As for operating costs, states alone spent $49 billion on 2.3 million prisoners last year.  This country needs prison reform.

I remember listening to the Bush administration’s empty platitudes after their bungled response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Never again would they be caught unprepared, they told us.  If another hurricane hit the U.S., the federal response would be much better, nearly flawless, they breathlessly bragged.  Why then am I not surprised to read that the only lesson Bush’s failed government learned was how to keep reports of their indifference out of the news?  Why did it take nearly two months for FEMA’s deputy administrator to admit his agency’s slow response to a disaster … again?  Why were families denied temporary housing … again?  Why were resources not in the region after the disaster … again.  This despite the corporate media’s dutifull parroting that plenty of resources were available prior to Hurricane Ike’s landfall.  As with every other issue, the cons’ message is: “You’re on your own”.  Tuesday can’t come soon enough.


One thought on “Green Prisons & FEMA Under Bush

  1. Yes I need detailed information on these FEMA prisons and death camps. Everything you know. Including State to state locations, even county to county if you have it. Everything you know I NEED.

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