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Bush & the FBI

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Chalk another score up for George Bush’s lawless style of governing.  The FBI requested additional agents to investigate crimes that helped trigger this year’s financial meltdown.  Bush denied the FBI those agents.  After 2001, Bush transferred 2,400 agents from more traditional crime-fighting efforts to anti-terrorism.  Forget that no one of consequence or sophistication has been caught planning terrorist attacks – most Americans realize that a group of gambling Wall Streeters likely perpetrated fraud against the U.S.  Thanks to the cowboy president, they’ve gotten away with it.  Small businesses can’t get loans, workers are being laid off.  And Bush refuses to investigate what parties share fault for all of it.  Here is the statistic that speaks volumes: “Nationwide, only about 180 agents are investigating mortgage fraud in what has been called the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. About 100 additional agents are investigating corporate fraud, including the subprime loan debacle.”  Oh, another thing: the cons have been all over ACORN for supposed voter registration fraud.  Have you seen any high-profile cons calling for corporate fraud investigation?  I didn’t think so.  They’re all about getting elected, not about governing.


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