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Sarah Palin’s Extremism Revealed

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Sarah Palin and John McCain have spent most of the past month focusing on what they like to call “terrorists” – folks like Bill Ayers.  In a sit-down interview, Brian Williams asks if Sarah (with John by her side) defines people who bomb abortion clinics (and kill people as a result) as terrorists.  Hold your hat, folks: she doesn’t.  And John didn’t disagree, which means he also countenances terrorizing doctors and patients in America, as long as its his base that does so.  On the other hand, if people lean left and bomb buildings, then they’re terrorists.  That is what the extremist portion of the “pro-life” movement believes.  I can appreciate people who employ lawful means to stop abortions from being performed.  I don’t agree with them, but as long as they’re not advocating terrorizing other people, at least the disagreement is over policy.  There is absolutely no way that extremists like Sarah Palin or John McCain should be in any kind of position of power.  Their ultra-narrow definition of “terrorist” is quite frankly unready to be employed in our 21st century world.  Bombing buildings and killing innocent people is a terrorist act, and that definition shouldn’t change based on the color of the bomber’s skin or their personal ideology.

Simply put – if someone asks whether abortion clinic bombers are terrorists, the correct answer is “Yes”, not “I don’t know”.


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