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Around the Blogosphere 10/24/08

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I argued against the Bush Bailout because I didn’t think the Bushies would be transparent about where the money was really going to go.  I hate it when I’m right: the Bush Treasury Department decided to redact key parts of private contracts that would tell the public how much taxpayer cash various law firms, accounting companies and stock management houses are going to receive.  The uber-secret Bush administration took Amerians hostage to get taxpayer money to bailout his Wall St. cronies while telling those same Americans transparency and oversight would be maintained.  When Bushies say something, the exact opposite is actually true.  This case is no different.  Americans deserve to know where their money is going.

If Democrats win by landslides this November, a political realignment will be afoot.  As Paul Waldman notes, I fully expect the corporate media to push the meme that a “right-wing nation” is still dominant, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  The discussion surrounding the 2000 and 2004 elections consisted of how bankrupt liberal policies were.  No such similar discussion about the failure of conservative ideology occurred after 2006, and it isn’t likely to happen after 2008 either.  Progressives will continue to have a lot of work to do to demonstrate that so-called “liberal” policies are actually very mainstream.  It’s the right-wing ideology that is extremist.  It’s had more positive attention due to the efforts of the CONservative machine set up over 30 years ago.  Americans are ready for somebody to actually govern this country again.  I’m confident Democrats are more willing than CONServatives to do so.

Clever little video.


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