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Look at the Language

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As Republicans at every level across the country find themselves behind, and in some cases way behind, their Democratic opponents, they’re resorting to increasingly violent outbursts that are clearly based on their narrow worldview.

Those outbursts have unfortunately become familiar to all of us: racial tensions obviously underlie attacks against Barack Obama; ideology forms the basis of attacks on economic policies (even if R’s have become schizophrenic about them).

Races in Colorado are no different.  They merely have their own unique facet of the larger worthless rock that the Republican party represents.  I read an article covering Sarah “Socialism” Palin’s visit to the rabid Republican base found in Colorado Springs.  One piece of language in that article caught my attention.

Here is the Rocky Mountain News article.  Here is the quote (emphasis mine):

“This race for the presidency – and my race for the Senate – is all about one thing: It’s about whether we choose freedom and liberty or bureaucracy and bondage,” [Bob] Schaffer told a cheering Colorado Springs crowd.

Schaffer has said some incredibly stupid things this election cycle.  His campaign manager (perhaps the real candidate, depending), Dick Wadhams, has a resume chock full of campaigns whose candidates all too willingly share their … fringe views with potential voters.  But including the word “bondage” in a description of what the presidential race is about while one of the candidates is half-African is particularly tasteless.  It was not included by accident, either.

Republicans this election season have been left to run with what remains of their base: those most prone to their fear-mongering.  They have to pander hard to those who are most scared of foreigners with different skin color, to those who think they’re frightened of “socialism”, to those who are scared of anything resembling change.

Thus, we see Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s rant about pro- and anti-american members of the House, which smacks of McCarth-ism in all its depravity.  Thus, we see Rep. Robin Hayes challenging Bachmann to go even further with her hate speech by saying “liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God”.  Thus, we see Bob Schaffer using the word bondage, pushing the buttons of racists in an effort to invoke feelings of victimization among his extremist base.

Schaffer, McCain, Palin, Bachmann, Hayes and the rest of the loonies on the right are letting voters know exactly who they really are.  They’re offering up continual proof of their fringe attitudes.  Unsurprisingly, they’re still bleating about the “bias in the librul media”.  Despite their best efforts over the past 30 years, 50-70% of Americans aren’t as extreme as they want them to be.

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