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CO Sec. State & Voter Registration


Colorado Secretary of State Coffman (who is a CONservative Republican) could have trained groups that registered new voters incorrectly.  It’s been a constant hum of news in Colorado and I haven’t really covered it before now.  johne at SquareState has a good post about it.  If true, it’s partisan politics at its worst.  Aaron has more information: Coffman was part of a project that allowed Iraqis to have same day voter registration for those voting overseas; allowed Iraqis to register using four different forms of id; allowed Iraqis to have an extended voter registration deadline.  Why do Iraqis have voting options that Coloradans don’t?


2 thoughts on “CO Sec. State & Voter Registration

  1. I’m one of the people trained via conference call by the SoS office, and I’ll swear on my kid that they specifically and repeatedly said ANY of the three numbers are fine, and NOT to check the box unless the party for sure did NOT have a driver’s license. I also have saved a screen capture of the page on their web site that said that exact thing.

    Coffman is, not to put too fine a point on it, a lying son of a bitch.

  2. No need to swear. 😉
    There are simply too many people saying the exact opposite of what Coffman is saying to allow his story to be believable. Susan and others have proof of his training. CONServatives are left with nothing but fear-mongering and voter suppression. They have no ideas that are popular on which to stand.

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