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Republicans Continue Mindless Attacks on ACORN


Barack Obama has called for a special prosecutor in the developing case of potential voter registration fraud and ACORN.  Thursday saw a leak from senior governmental officials about a preliminary FBI investigation into the voter registration activities of ACORN.  Quick reality check: how many senior government officials leaked anything about the runup to the Iraq invasion?  Any leaks about illegal domestic wiretapping?  Any leaks about torture and rendition?  Nope, nope and nope.  The Bushies want Americans to believe that an innocent leak that just happened to be about ACORN was made?  Please.  Some of us are idiots, but far fewer than when they took office.

Barack has wisely called for an independent check on events.  Why leave it in the hands of this ultra-partisan administration?  McCain’s designation of Barack’s request as partisan lays bare the actual nature of the FBI or DoJ handling the case.  Republicans attack where they’re weakest.  If they’re accusing Obama of being partisan, it is all but guaranteed that it’s actually them who are being so.  How in the world could asking for an independent prosecutor be partisan?  It’s absurd.  Partisan is calling for an investigation into ACORN’s activities and Republicans’ calls for it to stop receiving federal funding.  Republicans would love that – fewer registrants mean fewer votes, which means more Republicans win.  That’s partisan.


A very good example of just what Republicans are up to this year can be found in Ohio.  They are insisting that only those people who registered this year have their names crosschecked with federal databases and challenged if different.  Why only those from this year?  Because new registrants have come from predominantly Democratic areas.  If Republicans were so concerned about voter fraud, they would argue instead for a complete crosscheck of every name on the voter rolls.  Their voter suppression efforts are anti-democratic and anti-patriotic.


2 thoughts on “Republicans Continue Mindless Attacks on ACORN

  1. So, you think it would then be okay for Democrats to complain if let’s say a Christian group similar to ACORN would be able to get away with something like this? I guess voter fraud, when it comes to signing up Mickey Mouse on one of the voter registration cards must be okay, so long as it’s the “right” party gets elected to power.

    If this happened with a Christian group that’s pro-Republican, you’d flip out in a hystical manner. But since ACORN just so happens to be pro-Democrat and far left, they’re the ones being “oppressed”.

    What about the report of computers of an ACORN office being reportedly vandalized, i.e. moved? Is that not but the least suspicious behavior on the part of that group in question?

  2. I’m glad you know me well enough to be able to tell me what I’m okay with and what I would do if something happened. The case isn’t what you or Republicans are making it out to be and that’s the point of the post. I would first recommend you actually learn what the situation is really about instead of repeating talking points. You could start with a simple explanation here.

    First of all, someone signing up Mickey Mouse isn’t voter fraud. That can only occur when someone votes, which isn’t what this is about. It is about potential voter registration fraud. There is a big difference between the two.

    Second of all, Mickey Mouse isn’t going to show up and vote. He can’t – his registration isn’t valid, which is exactly why ACORN flagged them as such when they turned them into county clerks offices. Which, by the way, they’re legally required to do. Did you get that? It would be illegal for ACORN to not turn those filled out registration forms in, valid or not.

    Thirdly, it is likely that other groups (Christian or not) are also turning in registration forms with invalid information. ACORN cannot be the only entity in the entire country that has turned in suspicious registrations. The difference shouldn’t be hard to decipher: Republicans aren’t making a stink about them.

    Fourth, ACORN isn’t pro-Democratic. They’re pro-democratic. There’s an important difference between those two characterizations, as well. Did ACORN flag all the Republican registrants? No, they flagged forms where they couldn’t confirm the identity of the signee, as they’re required to do. The next step in the process: it is up to the county clerk (who is elected, and therefore responsible to the public) to also verify the registrants’ identities. Only once they’re accepted by the clerk’s office do they get added to the voter rolls. The remainder of your sentence substantiates a point I made in my post. CONServatives that mock others for being oppressed obviously feel that way. It’s called projection and it’s all too evident in your screed. Not one person is seriously claiming ACORN is being oppressed. Rather, ACORN is working constructively with investigators to get things straightened out. What I wrote above is indicative that the attacks against ACORN, as presented by the media and ultra-partisans on the right, are baseless. It’s a classic distraction technique perpetrated by CONServatives so focus is taken away from the wreck of an economy they’re handing over to the next President.

    I also find it interesting that this ridiculous series of attacks on ACORN happened after voter roll purges, which could very well be illegal, were conducted around the country. The “liberal” media isn’t harping on those very much, are they? Why would the “liberal” media spend so much time on ACORN anyway? That certainly doesn’t make sense. It’s the voter suppression techniques that Republicans have committed in the past and are encouraging this election cycle that I don’t like.

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