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News Items 10/17/08

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Hurricane Omar weakened to a Tropical Storm yesterday.  [Update: A new analysis this afternoon supports categorizing Omar as a Hurricane again, for the time being.  He is expected to weaken back to Tropical Storm strength by tomorrow.]  The Lesser Antilles really dodged a bullet as Omar passed between islands.  This has been a year of dodging bullets.  New Orleans and Galveston/Houston almost got walloped too.  I fervently hope a President Obama will take the threat of more/stronger hurricanes more seriously than the science-hating Republicans in government today.

A few different looks at how Obama and McCain are different:


Side-by-side on every issue

What has the U.S. done about the climate crisis during the Bush administration?  Check out this timeline: The Lost Eight Years

Rumors are rampant that former Secretary of State Colin Powell is set to endorse Barack Obama on one of the Sunday talk shows.  Different progressive media have hyped this up today.  To which I have to say: I don’t care.  Powell has zero credibility with me.  His acquiescence to the Bush administration’s Iraq line was pitiful.  Powell knew Iraq posed zero threat to the U.S. when he went to the U.N. to cheerlead for Bush/Cheney.  We’re still occupying Iraq five-plus years later.  That occupation is running at $10 billion per month, and the “fiscally responsible” CONServatives have kept that cost off the U.S. budget.  We’re accumulating interest on that debt, which Obama will be forced to deal with.  So to me, Powell’s endorsement is worth less than nothing.  It would be something else entirely if Powell forked over $600 billion to pay the American people back for his boss’ failed occupation.

The corporate media continue to fail to fully explain ACORN’s role in voter registration.  It’s really quite simple: they hire people to register new voters.  Once those hires turn their forms in, other ACORN employees work to verify every registration.  If they can’t verify someone’s identity or if the registration looks suspicious, ACORN employees flag them as such.  ACORN then turns every single registration form into country clerks, as is required by law.  It is up to election officials to accept or deny registration forms.  If accepted, the new registrants are added to voter rolls by elected county clerks.  It is truly disgusting that John McCain, Sarah Palin and other Republicans continue to lie and mislead the American people about the reality of this situation.  They want to intimidate people from voting, which is undemocratic and unpatriotic.  I don’t really expect anything less from cowards, I suppose.  It is equally disgusting that the corporate media is just as culpable for maintaining the public’s low understanding of ACORN.


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