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In The News 10/15/08

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The last Presidential debate of the 2008 cycle is tonight.  I expect John McCain to come out aggressively – he’s losing the race quite handily right now and so has nothing to lose.  Opponents are dangerous when they have nothing to lose.  Barack Obama will do fine in the debate as long as he continues to project his presidential demeanor to America.  That’s a big reason he won the first two.  I don’t think he’ll get run off of his successful approach.  Folks who are looking for excitement or passion will likely be disappointed tonight.  One thing I’m looking for is how this debate is moderated.  Will Obama and McCain be allowed to engage each other to any degree?

John McCain is up to 133 lies.  Heroes don’t lie.

Want a decent return on your investments?  Elect Democrats.  Seriously.  If you had invested $10,000 under Democratic presidents only since 1929 (Ds & Rs have held the post for 40 years each since 1929), your investment would have grown to $300,671.  If you had invested $10,000 under Republican presidents only since 1929, your investment would have grown to only $11,733.  That’s pretty sad.  Okay, so Herbert Hoover was included in the Republicans and he screwed up the economy almost as bad as George Bush has.  So if Hoover is thrown out, your $10,000 investment would have grown to … $51,211.  That’s a crappy return for 36 years’ investment.  The average annualized return under Republican presidencies: 0.4% including Hoover, 4.7% not including Hoover.  The average annualized return under Democratic presidencies: 8.9%.  Don’t ever let a Republican get away with saying they’re better for capitalism.  It just isn’t true.

A new solar research facility will open in Aurora, Colorado.  SolarTAC, or Solar Technology Acceleration Center, is the second facility created by the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory.  The Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels opened July 1.  The U.S. needs to end its use of fossil fuels in the near term.  R&D is important – getting technologies into the market is just as important.

CO-04 Democratic candidate Betsy Markey was profiled by Council for a Livable World.

The economic downturn took drilling away as a CONservative weapon in this year’s election.  Just remember: they won’t let up next year.

Mark Udall issued a warning to the Bush administration over oil shale drilling.  Due to the incredible resources such drilling require, it’s obviously not viable in the short-term.  With a global recession and damped demand for fossil fuels, it’s not viable any time soon.

Retail sales plunged to the lowest level in three years as consumers cut way back in September.  The Federal Reserve noted that economic activity was depressed across the countryThe markets responded by shedding over 700 points again.  The thing to glean from all of this is the system has to work out the kinks.  Credit availability has been yanked.  Consumers have been forced to spend less because their incomes haven’t risen in real terms in decades.  They’re up to their eyeballs in credit card debt and their home equity has been tapped.  The solution to this crisis is rooted in making new jobs available to Americans and paying them better to do what they’re already doing.  Invest in the people and their infrastructure and the economy will be righted quite nicely.  It took a lot to get into this mess.  It’s going to take a lot to really get out of it.


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