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Bush Administration Authorized Torture

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Lost in the news about the crappy economy and John McCain’s flailing presidential hopes was the news that two secret memos were sought by CIA director George Tenet from the White House that authorized the CIA’s implementation of torture.  The torture had already been taking place for over one year, but officials grew worried that the program never had written authorization.  Disturbingly, no one can remember George Bush being present for meetings once the request was issued.  Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice were, of course.  That fits into Cheney’s theory of Vice-Presidential power and authority (and Sarah Palin’s as well).  George Bush lied to Americans for years about this program.  He did everything he could to cover it up and distract Americans from the truth.

Justice would include putting the Bush administration under oath and seeing what comes out.  These clowns committed war crimes against humanity and should be tried accordingly.  Has this issue been investigated diligently by the “liberal media”?  Nope.


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