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Wind Farm Developer Opens in Broomfield

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Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. (RES Americas) was welcomed by U.S. Rep. Mark Udall and Colorado Senators Ken Salazar and Wayne Allard Sunday for their headquarters’ grand opening in Broomfield.  RES Americas is moving its headquarters from Austin, Texas, to Udall’s congressional district bringing dozens of high-paying renewable energy jobs to the state.  The wind farm developer says it plans to relocate 70 full-time jobs from Texas to Broomfield and to add 70 more Broomfield-based employees in the next year.  Operations in Broomfield began tomorrow.

More and more jobs are being created in Colorado by letting it be known that the state is friendly to the burgeoning industry.  This is good news for those who recognize our occupation of Iraq and our dependence on Middle Eastern oil unnecessarily weakens our national security.  Also, steps taken now to shift our energy portfolio from fossil fuels to renewables will keep future costs of doing so down.  It’s good for the planet, increases security here at home and is fiscally responsible.


One thought on “Wind Farm Developer Opens in Broomfield

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