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Betsy Markey Making Moves in CO-04

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Betsy Markey leads Marilyn Musgrave in the most recent polling done on Colorado’s 4th Congressional District.  I place some faith in this poll results because of two factors.  First, Markey has performed well in polling to date.  Second, the NRCC has announced a $1 million time reservation for ad buy.  This action is also in response to the DCCC’s $667,000 previously announced ad buy.

The CO-04 race has been high on the target list of Democrats all this cycle.  Republicans recognize one of their most extreme Representatives is in real danger of losing her seat.  So they’re pouring everything they can into the race to try and drag Markey down and squeak through another win this November.  Musgrave’s 51% unfavorable rating won’t help her chances any.

Go Betsy!

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One thought on “Betsy Markey Making Moves in CO-04

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