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Jared Polis Nears Act Blue Goal – Help Out Today!


Jared Polis has 85 supporters on his Act Blue 1of100 page. His goal is 100 contributors by midnight tonight. Head over there and donate whatever you can. Jared will be a solid progressive voice in a Congress that desperately needs it. He’s strong on education, has a policy proposal on the Iraq occupation, and supports a new path for renewable energy development.


Update: Jared’s original goal of 100 has been reached! A new goal of 135 supporters has been issued. Go lend a hand, regardless of size!

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4 thoughts on “Jared Polis Nears Act Blue Goal – Help Out Today!

  1. Jared has unlimited funds and has already donated $3.7 million to his campaign. Don’t waste your hard earned money by giving it to him. He has more than enough already.

  2. Challenging the lock the moribund Democratic establishment has on candidates and policies is going to take more than a self-made success story like Jared. I’m proud to stand with him and work to improve the 2nd district and this country.

  3. The ground swell of individual contributors to Jared’s campaign points to his viability as a candidate and his grassroot support.

  4. Agreed, royalwha. I think it’s also important to point out that Jared has a great deal of netroots support, which clearly overlaps with grassroots support but also includes people that are not otherwise engaged in candidate politics. Jared has strong support from both groups and that will help propel him to victory on Aug 12th.

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