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Clean Energy Fund Grants


A short while back, Gov. Ritter’s Energy Office announced the recipients of the second round of “New Energy Economic Development (NEED)” grants. 13 entities were awarded $656,000 in funding. The group includes some pretty interesting projects and ideas. I’ve commented on some of them. The list:

• Bardwell Consulting of Denver received $25,000.00 for its OptiMiser program, which is a PC-based program that creates and evaluates a full range of near-optimal solutions for energy retrofits. The NEED grant will be used to complete and launch the distributable version of OptiMiser.

• Black Hawk Transportation Authority received $50,000.00 for a biodiesel processing facility that will process used cooking oil from area restaurants into biodiesel, and blend the produced fuel for B5-B20. The biodiesel will power the Black Hawk and Central City Tramway buses and municipal fleets.

• City and County of Denver received $60,000.00 to support the launch of Denver’s new green business program that will engage and educate businesses in energy efficiency and sustainable practices while providing a framework for regional action.

• Community Energy Systems of Crestone, received $24,170.00 for biomass thermal heating systems for the Homelake Veterans’ Home.

• Coolerado of Arvada, received $25,000 to build a solar powered, mobile, five-ton air conditioning system.

I’m not sure how a five-ton mobile solar powered air conditioning system is going to be used, but I do find the concept intriguing.

• Czero, Inc. of Fort Collins, received $67,500.00. They will partner with the Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory and the College of Business at Colorado State University to develop a low cost hydraulic hybrid retrofit kit.

I like this one because it’s a small (seemingly) business partnering with an educational facility. More of this, please.

• Denver Zoological Foundation received $100,000.00 to incorporate a biomass gasification system in Asian Tropics, its next major exhibit showcasing Asian elephants and other wildlife native to Southeast Asia.

This makes so much sense. Think of all the biomass generated by zoos across the country for umpteen years. Finding a way to use it all as an energy source reflects forward thinking by zoo officials. Kudos to them.

• Hybrids Plus received $85,000.00 for the commercialization and development of the InvergerTM Vehicle to Grid (V2G) inverter-charger. The InvergerTM is a bidirectional system, allowing any Electric Vehicle (EV) or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) to transfer energy into and out of the electric utility grid, thus supplying electricity during peak demand periods and expanding the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

I looked at the inverter-charger for a minute on the web. It’s an interesting concept. I definitely like any technology that works toward energy transfer to and from the electric grid.

• Mountain Parks Electric, Inc. of Granby, received $25,000.00 to integrate a biomass wood pellet heating system at mountain parks electric headquarters in Granby.

With the mountain pine beetle kill, systems like this will spring up all over the intermountain West. Goof for Mountain Parks Electric.

• New Community Coalition of Telluride received $25,000.00. The funding will support a number of activities including a feasibility assessment for a micro hydro turbine, a photovoltaic array installation at a school, and a report to identify the most economically attractive near-term renewable energy projects in San Miguel County.

Again, a series of forward thinking projects here.

• Powerhouse Enterprises, Inc., received $25,000.00 to bring its green modular housing expertise to Rifle and begin building a new generation of homes that feature energy efficiency, renewable energy, environmentally preferable materials, superior air quality, and water conservation.

Honestly, things like energy efficiency and usage of environmentally friendly construction materials and water conservation measures need to be implemented as mandates for new construction. Why continue to build homes that waste energy and water? It just makes zero sense. It puts the onus on future generations to clean up after our willful laziness.

• Sundyne Corporation of Arvada received $100,000.00 to complete the design details on a family of turbogenerators that will convert the pressure drop of natural gas pressure within the existing gas pipeline distribution system into electricity.

I haven’t heard of anything like this before. I’d like to learn more, though.

• Sunflower Corporation of Boulder received $24,960.00 to establish demonstration sites exhibiting application of interior natural daylighting products in educational environments in Colorado.

Increasing the amount of exposure of intelligent designs to younger Coloradans will make future efforts that much easier. They’re going to view such efforts as normal, not something to fight for.

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3 thoughts on “Clean Energy Fund Grants

  1. found your site looking for grants for my project. why are we using sugar and oil for fuel? what about the most abundant molecule on the planet- cellulose!

  2. I would like to have contact with Clean Energy Fund.
    Alexander Kozin,Sevastopol Energy Group

  3. I am looking for grants for my project.

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