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Amy Oliver’s Global Warming Disinformation Campaign


Independence Institute Director of Operations and KFKA’s Amy Oliver was one of the latest personalities to continue the “sun is warming Earth, not humans” campaign. This approach has become a favorite of the Denyer/Delayer crowd, despite the fact that even President Bush has publicly recognized the reality of global climate change.

A nuance of this campaign has been to include Mars, yes Mars, in the planets being warmed by the sun. Any number of obvious items completely undermine this argument. For instance, denyers/delayers like to point out the lack of long-term, viable data here on Earth to support the concept that global warming is even occurring. Apparently, humans have a more robust temperature record on Mars than have on Earth.

But what happens if we take Oliver’s word (bear with me here) that the sun is indeed primarily responsible for Earth’s warming. Is the sun emitting more radiation or getting larger? Not according to any measuring/recording device (and we have many) available. But maybe Oliver has access to a dataset that is unknown to the scientific community.

So what is the sun doing? The sun has natural oscillatory activities that cycle every 11 years or so. We are currently in the minimum of that cycle, meaning the Earth is receiving a negligibly lesser amount of solar radiation and has been for the better part of a year or two. Recall from your schooling that Mars is further from the sun than the Earth is, so in addition to receiving less radiation at any point in time, at this point in the cycle, the amount of radiation reaching the planet is less than it was 6 years or so ago. But somehow, it’s warming.

No, Amy Oliver doesn’t know that the sun is the primary cause of warming on Earth or Mars. Her theory flies in the face of the work of thousands of research scientists’ results over the past 30-50 years. What Amy is doing is shilling for industry, as indicated by her commentary, “There are no SUVs to try and control. There’s no oil and gas exploration. There are no nasty coal-producing power plants on Mars. And it’s still warming. How did that happen? I’m serious; it is the sun, stupid.” And things become clearer: Amy and the Independence Institute continue to try to work over the public on the topic of control. Couched in the language of free-marketeers, her commentary sounds good on the surface, doesn’t it? Who wants anyone to”control” their SUVs? Or extractive industries?

Except the “free-market” really isn’t as free as Oliver and company sell it to be. Do you know why the oil and gas industry does so well (insane revenue and profits)? Do you know why the coal industry does as well as it does? Do you know why so many SUVs are sold? Because we’re all subsidizing their existence with corporate welfare. We as taxpayers, through legislation crafted at the behest of oil and gas and coal and car companies, give very handsome sums to giant corporations. That’s on top of the sweetheart tax breaks state and local governments give to those corporations to have the physical portions of their companies in our municipalities. Pile on the absence of business taxes and you see where things are going.

If there really was a free market, these corporations wouldn’t need billions of taxpayer dollars subsidizing their operations. If their businesses were able to do so well all on their own, they wouldn’t need them. They could openly compete with other energy sources or vehicles. But they can’t, so their controllers don’t let other industries get past nascent stages of development. They’re a threat to the large corporations’ existence. And so Amy Oliver and the Independence Institute work day in and day out to continue pounding home the message that the bad, bad government shouldn’t interfere with their marketplace.

The free market is closed to competition. And global warming is a side casualty to Amy’s propaganda work to ensure the market stays closed. Her disinformation campaign is abhorrent. Where is the liberal media when you need it?

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2 thoughts on “Amy Oliver’s Global Warming Disinformation Campaign

  1. Brilliant. Glad someone is refuting Ms. Oliver’s ridiculous, and utterly non-academic, claims.

  2. There are plenty to choose from. I’ve only focused on her anti-science screeds. Yikes.

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