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Empty Food Banks


I’m glad this country is wasting billions of dollars of taxpayer money on a failed occupation on the other side of the world.  I’m also glad this is a Christian nation – because I’ve been told that Christians love their neighbor like no other religion’s adherents can.  And it’s not as if the richest country in the world has working class people going hungry this holiday season or anything.

So tell me: where are the televangelists and mega-church leaders on this issue?  Why aren’t they beating down the doors of Congress, or even mine or yours to address this shameful state of affairs?  Where are the “compassionate Conservatives”?  Why isn’t this the lead talking point of the day in the media?  After all, conservatives own nearly all the large media in this country at this point.

Why are we wasting all that money in Iraq?  Does anybody know how many people the $55 Billion would have helped feed and clothe?  Articles are saying people’s ability to buy food for themselves is the worst it’s been in more than 30 years.  So tell me why exactly people in 2000 thought that re-installing the actors behind Nixon would  be successful the second time around?

Oh, that’s right: because brown people, gays, and abortionists are hard at work every day of the year trying to destroy this country.  Obviously we have more important things to worry about than our own citizens going hungry.  Silly me, I forgot.

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3 thoughts on “Empty Food Banks

  1. We’ll partially agree with you. For all the political silliness, at this time of the year people are often forgotten. Nobody in this country should go hungry. While most people worry if they got the right gift, some just worry about feeding their family.

    That ought not to be.

    Here’s our Christmas wish:

    But the idea Iraq takes money away from other issues is wrong. Iraq is being paid with deficit spending – if the Iraq situation overnight went away, it wouldn’t free up a penny for anything else, because it’s all “off budget” anyway.

  2. I look at it slightly differently. I agree that the funding for Iraq is not in the budget – it was something I railed against prior to the 2006 elections. For consistency, I’ve been railing (in my head, at least) against the Democratic Congress for doing the exact same thing. It’s numerical gamesmanship and we’re the ones that are going to lose. A lot of folks are going to be mighty upset at the reduced safety nets they’ll enjoy thanks to the wasteful spending they supported now.

    I guess my larger point was that in the grand scheme of things, if we as a country truly believe that Iraq is such an important issue, and if we further believe that as few people as possible should go hungry in our own country, which is more important? I would certainly rather see funding going towards taking care of our own – and not in any grandiose way. Folks are missing out on basic sustenance. As you said, that ought not to be.

  3. Hello, Give something to help the hungry people from Africa and India,
    I made this blog about that subject:

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